Artist Statement

Charlie-Mahon-1Where to start, firstly I am a man, a father and a husband, driven by worldly needs as my wife so kindly points out, to provide food on the table and a roof over our heads (… along with de wife’s help!..) So far so good, the other part of me is the artist….

I started with ceramics through the Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork and proceeded from there to University of Mississippi, Oxford, Mississippi, USA (on a scholarship) where I studied under Ron Dale and became great friends with himself and a great many people (hi guy’s) to whom I owe many’s a favour (beer…), anyway, I came back to Ireland in the early ‘90’s and proceeded down the road of industrial employment in the ceramic field, where in fairness I learned a HUGE amount from the likes of Shannon Community Workshop’s( Pottery Section), Stephen Pearce Pottery & Carrigaline Pottery, which in turn, I used in my art.

Ceramic Art, or is it Craft! that issue really irrates me …. of course it is ART, my 3D wall hangings can’t be called anything other than art, it’s not as if you could eat off of them ( even though technically you could if you did not mind all the crevices etc..) then there is the pottery, functional pottery, which is a necessity in the modern way of life but mine has wonderful figures and animals and colours on it so is it craft or art or art on craft…boggles the mind, you should try my Teapots after a couple of glasses of Vino, let me tell you ! I also paint now, oils … as you’ll guess a challenge!

I set up my own pottery and for a couple of years we made an fairly hairy living out of it which was hugely enjoyable and a real learning curve, I met lovely people and a few dragons along the way, but unfortunately the down turn in the Celtic Tiger made mincemeat of my business along with so many others and unfortunately I had to chuck in the business and find gainful employment, which is where I’m still at.

I have re-entered the art / craft world again, slowly… taking my time as I really want to make again, but not with the abundance I did. I really enjoy the making, from the early inspirational idea to the finished piece. It gives me a great feeling of being on this fantastic adventure, full of joy, fun and of course …pitfalls!! I want to pass this wonderful experience onto you with the finished pieces ….enjoy!!


Charlie Mahon