Charlie Mahon Pottery

Where to start, firstly I am a man, a father and a husband, driven by worldly needs as my wife so kindly points out, to provide food on the table and a roof over our heads (… along with de wife’s help!..) So far so good, the other part of me is the artist….

I started with ceramics through the Crawford College of Art & Design, Cork and proceeded from there to University of Mississippi, Oxford, Mississippi, USA (on a scholarship) where I studied under Ron Dale and became great friends with himself and a great many people (hi guy’s) to whom I owe many’s a favour (beer…), anyway, I came back to Ireland in the early ‘90’s and proceeded down the road of industrial employment in the ceramic field, where in fairness I learned a HUGE amount from the likes of Shannon Community Workshop’s( Pottery Section), Stephen Pearce Pottery & Carrigaline Pottery, which in turn, I used in my art.

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